India is a nation built on rich stories. Right from the epics to the stories the children hear from their grandparents, these stories shaped us and stayed with us because they touched the deepest chord of our hearts: ‘Emotions’. MASK FILMS was founded on this very ideology to connect the brands and their target audience by communicating through these emotions to form a bond that extends beyond the screens and into their daily lives.

MASK FILMS is a production house with a bunch of seasoned advertising professionals, each with 14+ years of specialized experience in making films for brand communications viz. TV Commercials, Digital Films, Corporate Films, etc. We work closely with the brand teams and advertising agencies, where we strive to ensure the campaign objectives of a brand are best achieved through our films. Our growing clientele is a testament to the fact that we surpassed the expectations of every brand with each of our projects.


Arun Sivakumar M

In addition to being one of the Directors in the panel, Arun Sivakumar also dons the hat as the Founder and the Producer of MASK FILMS. With an innate drive to understand the Brand’s objective in-depth, and to arrive at the right creative solution, he ensures the brand communication works effectively with the target audience. This specific trait is what bagged him a lot of delighted clients. His eye for fine details, especially for the right emotions, is evident in his films. His specificity towards the contextual visual approach without losing the aesthetic value, combined with his sensibility towards music makes his films compelling for the target audience. When not preoccupied with making films, Arun’s curious mind delves into topics like UFOs, cosmos and philosophy, especially stoicism.

Abel Dennis

The ability to decisively lead, effectively communicate, be flexibly creative makes Abel Dennis one of the desired Directors in the industry. Seeing beyond the curve for the filmy magic, his excellent aesthetic sense, and his overall craft confidence can be well witnessed in his works. To him, ‘Real is good. Interesting is best!’ and this catchphrase binds his work with brands and its consumers. Not just filmmaking, Abel is excited to blend his technical skills with an artistic eye to capture varieties of picturesque frames, making every snapshot of his unique. He is also a miniature enthusiast.

SV Ashwathram

Ashwathram, based out of Mumbai, has directed films for many of the top national brands in India. When it comes to making southern language films for the national brands, his name is one of the most sought after ones. The slice of life portrayals in his films make the brands connect well with their target audiences. While he is renowned for his lengthy and engaging conversations, his works speak and engage a lot more than him! Outside of making films, he is a passionate traveler on the quest to explore the less explored.

Ram Director


A seasoned Script Writer and Creative Producer, Ram has nearly two decades of experience in Advertising. His expertise revolves around cultivating Ad concepts and Storytelling, honed through years of extensive experience. He’s had the privilege of collaborating with National and Regional brands and Start-ups, leaving an indelible mark with his contributions. His journey is defined by his passion for films, unwavering commitment to his craft, love for narrative, and a genuine desire to deliver his best.

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